Karyn Lathan for the Arizona House
for Arizona House of Representatives - District 17

Putting People before Politics

People Before Politics

Karyn Lathan for Arizona House of Representatives

As an Arizona native, I remember when Chandler was a rural farming community. Since then, I’ve had the pleasure of watching our community grow into a vibrant place to work, live and raise a family. We still however, have challenges to overcome. In the last few years we have seen partisan politics come before the needs of the people of Arizona.

Sadly, political posturing has damaged our school budgets, slowed investment and economic growth and put our very future at risk.

The people of Arizona need someone who will fight for their interests, not a partisan official caring only for the special interests they serve. As your elected state representative, I will put the needs of the people of Arizona above all else - People before Politics. To this end, I respectfully ask for your vote and support.

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Key Concerns

War On Women


Contraception is used for both responsible family planning and as medication for certain medical conditions. Contraception is part of all medical plans, and I do not believe we should be reducing medical coverage for women. | Read More

Repair Our Economy


Guns on Campus = Bad Idea. We have been working to get guns off of college campuses for the past several decades. Now Arizona extremists are putting them back on campuses. | Read More



Arizona House Democrats wanted to add an amendment to SB1047 to ensure that all schools, not just public schools, have to test students and show the students’ scores for standardized testing. | Read More

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